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This information is provided as a public service and not as an endorsement of any particular district. Questions should be directed to the individual schools or districts.

Independent School Districts:

The following independent school districts have attendance areas in Bexar County .


Alamo Heights Independent School District http://www.ahisd.net/
7101 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209; (210) 824-2483 Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, Olmos Park and San Antonio.

Comal Independent School District http://www.comalisd.org/
1421 North Business 35, New Braunfels, TX 78130; (210) 625-8081 Northern Bexar county.

East Central Independent School District  http://www.ecisd.net/
6634 New Sulpher Springs Rd., San Antonio, TX 78263; (210) 648-7861 Southeast San Antonio and Bexar county

Edgewood Independent School District http://www.eisd.net/edgewood/site/default.asp
5358 W. Commerce, San Antonio, TX 78237; (210) 433-2361 West San Antonio.

Fort Sam Houston  Independent School District http://www.fshisd.net/home
1902 Winans Rd., San Antonio, TX 78234; (210) 804-4101 Fort Sam Houston army installation.

Harlandale Independent School District http://www.harlandale.net/
102 Genevieve Dr., San Antonio, TX 78214; (210) 921-4300  South San Antonio.

Judson Independent School District  http://www.judsonisd.org/
8012 Shin Oak Dr., Live Oak, TX 78233; (210) 659-9600 Northeastern San Antonio, Live Oak, Universal City, Converse and northeastern Bexar county.

Lackland I.S.D http://www.lacklandisd.net/
2460 Kenly Ave  Lackland A.F.B. TX 78236: (210) 670-4352.Lackland A.F.B.

Medina Valley Independent School District  http://www.mvisd.com/
8449 FM 471 S Castroville, TX;(210) 931-2867 Primarily a Medina county school district but covers a small portion of far western Bexar county.

North East Independent School District http://www.neisd.net/
8961 Tesoro Dr., San Antonio, TX 78217; (210) 804-7000 North central and northeastern San Antonio and Bexar county.

Northside Independent School District  http://www.nisd.net/
5900 Evers Rd., San Antonio, TX 78238; (210) 706-8500 North central and northwestern San Antonio and Bexar county.

Randolph Field Independent School District   http://www.randolph-field.k12.tx.us/
P.O. Box 2217, Universal City, TX 78148; (210) 658-3576  Randolph A.F.B.

San Antonio  Independent School District http://www.saisd.net/
141 Lavaca, San Antonio, TX 78210; (210) 299-5500 San Antonio.

Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District  http://www.scuc.txed.net/
1060 Elbel Rd., Schertz, TX 78154; (210) 945-6200 Schertz, Cibolo, Universal City and far northeastern Bexar county.

Somerset Independent School District  http://sisdtx.sharpschool.com/
19644 Somerset Rd., Somerset, TX 78069; (210) 622-3462 Somerset and southwestern Bexar County.

South San Antonio Independent School District   http://www.southsanisd.net/
2515 Sioux St., San Antonio, TX 78224; (210) 977-7000Southwestern San Antonio.

Southside  Independent School District   http://www.southsideisd.org/home.aspx
20110 Pleasantan Rd., San Antonio, TX 78221; (210) 626-0600 Southern San Antonio and Bexar County.

Southwest Independent School District   http://www.swisd.net/
11914 Dragon Ln., San Antonio, TX 78252; (210) 622-3488Southwestern San Antonio and Bexar County.

Note: all attendance figures are approximate. Contact districts for current attendance and boundary information.

A newcomer to our area may find the school situation a bit overwhelming. A knowledgeable real estate agent can be a great source of help and information. For further assistance e-mail:[email protected] or call (210) 219-0509